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Natural Decoration for Home: a Table Centerpiece with Candles and Greenery

January is the coldest month for many in the northern hemisphere. The days are still very short and the darkness is felt much more acutely once the lights and fireworks of Christmas and New Year are gone. The house can also looks empty and devoid of colour after Christmas decorations have been taken down. Yet there is so much to enjoy this time of the year. Winter is a beautiful season and a great time to appreciate the comfort and beauty of one’s home. After the richness of the festive season we crave simplicity, freshness and a sense of change and renewal. Ideally our surroundings should offer us all this.

To brighten up my house, I made a very simple table decoration that captures some of the spirit of January. I included candles that are brilliant for creating the feel of warmth, comfort and relaxation. And I combined them with greenery that communicates the sense of hope and new beginnings.

The greenery that I used is what is currently in season and available locally. I collected fallen spruce branches in a nearby wood, and cut a few ivy branches from a nearby hedgerow. Ivy looks beautiful this time of the year – it is absolutely covered with attractive and rather unusual-looking green or very dark blue, almost black berries.

You can re-create my project by following step-by-step instructions below.

The materials I used:

1. Florist’s foam

2. A cake stand or a shallow dish

3. Candles

4. Secateurs or scissors

5. Spruce branches

6. Ivy branches with berries.

How to make it:

1. Cut enough floral foam to fill a cake stand or a dish. Since the dish is shallow, only a small amount of foam is needed.

2. Hydrate the foam by placing it in a basin with water and letting it absorb the water and sink.

3. Fill a cake stand or a dish with foam and place the candles on top.

4. Cover the foam with small spruce branches by gently pressing their ends into the foam.

5. Add ivy branches with berries around the edges. Since ivy is a climbing plant, the berries are naturally pendulant and look good overhanging the sides of the stand.

This is everything – the centerpiece is ready! You can now light the candles and enjoy it.

Variant: the same decoration with a ceramic bird.

The garden also should not be forgotten. When it snows in the evening I love putting out lanterns in the garden, so that we could see them out of the windows. They create a fairy tale atmosphere.

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